Dear Sassy

Dear Sassy,

I recently made the move to San Francisco and I’ve discovered why San Francisco is labeled the third most fashion forward city in the United States. This led me to discover that I require some new pieces to vamp up my look. However, I am a college student on a tight budget. Which items do you recommend I splurge on?


Looking to Bedazzle

Dear Looking to Bedazzle,

Congratulations on your move! I understand with the current economy the budget is extremely tight. Before you go out spending those precious dollars, look in your closet first and figure out what you’re missing. Having a list of what you need to buy will help you from getting things that you don’t need. I highly recommend that your big ticket items are your footwear and outerwear. No one likes walking around in uncomfortable shoes on campus and a jacket that isn’t doing its job! And should you fall to the temptation, that is accessories, remember to keep them cheap! Good luck with the hunt!



By Jessica Schoefer

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