Head Over Heels for Knee High and Over the Knee Socks

They have been slowly climbing their way up to their debut last season. So it comes as no surprise that knee high and over the knee socks will have you head over heels this season. They will definitely be making a name for themselves in spring 2010.  As we make our way into spring, which calls for annual spring-cleaning, it’s time to pack away your leggings and replace them with trendy knee high and over the knee socks.

Don’t feel intimidated just yet, were not talking about your white tube socks that you would wear to the gym. We are talking about lacy, sheer sock that are very versatile and are best paired with ankle boots, strappy heels, peep-toes, and pumps. Best types of knee-high socks to wear right now are crochet, knit, and sheer.  If you reside in a colder climate, you should go with the knit socks and try wearing you’re knee high socks over sheer or patterned stockings to add more spunk to the trend.

Also, if you would like the knee high trend to be the focal point of your outfit try a pop color like red, blue, purple and etc. This will give your look a more vibrant effect and sure to have heads turning to get a glimpse. So take that fashion risk this season, and rock your best pair of knee high and over the knee socks, you’re sure to be a smash hit this season!

By Jamonique Fletcher