Dear Sassy

Dear Sassy,

I am originally from Southern California, where it usually is always warm. Let’s just say 60 degrees is freezing cold for me! I recently moved to San Francisco to attend college at San Francisco State University…and San Francisco Bay Area is no So Cal. I am your typical California girl who’s wardrobe consists of dresses, skirts, shorts, loose tops, sandals, and does not own any jackets because there was never any need for a jacket in So Cal, so the closest thing I have to a jacket is a sweatshirt and a cardigan. Please help me adapt to the San Francisco weather while staying warm but still looking fashionable and on a budget.

Thank you So Cal Belle,

Dear So Cal Belle,

I found your letter to be a common dilemma that a lot of students face when they move from a place like Southern California to a much different climate like San Francisco. Climate change is one of the hardest things to adapt to when you are moving from different regions and different climates. Some students like San Francisco’s weather while other students tend to dislike it.  You won’t be able to last long in San Francisco with just a sweatshirt or a cardigan, so I advise you to invest in a nice jacket. One of the stores I would suggest going to is, H&M for a nice jacket that will keep you warm and in touch with the latest trends in the fashion industry. You may also be able to find a trendy jacket in stores like Forever 21, Zara, Old Navy, and Mango, which are conveniently located in downtown San Francisco. I would also invest in some trendy boots that will last for a long period of time. Let me just tell you…Boots in San Francisco never go out of season. Boots are very versatile. You can wear them with jeans, tunics, leggings, tights, shorts, and dresses.  When you’re buying boots make sure to stick to neutral colors such as black, cognac, brown, and grey. That way you can match them with anything in your wardrobe. Also living in San Francisco you walk constantly, so make sure to invest in flat boots or boots with a slight wedge.

You also mentioned that you love dresses, skirts, and shorts …at this point you’re probably asking yourself how can I wear these items without freezing my tush off? Don’t worry! You can still wear these items while staying warm! Purchase tights from stores like, H&M and Urban Outfitters.  There is a lot to choose from such as solid black tights or different colored tights. If your thinking of trying the different colored tights I would try darker tones like a deep purple, magenta, burgundy, or blue to avoid looking too over the top. Also if you chose the colored tights make sure the rest of your wardrobe stays neutral, such as black, brown, or grey (this will keep your look chic and classy!) Also try fishnets or lace tights to turn an outfit from simple to trendy instantly. Hope you’re enjoying San Francisco and also remember to take advantage of everything this unique city has to offer!

Stay Fashionable,