Dear Sassy

Dear Sassy,

The recent rain in San Francisco has been leaving me feeling sodden, frumpy, and worn (especially the number of umbrella’s I’ve gone through). How can I stay dry and fashion forward?

Slowly drying,
Down Sodden

Dear Down Sodden,

With the wind whipping through the tall buildings of San Francisco, it’s no wonder there are so many umbrella casualties. Personally, I’ve found that umbrellas made for golfers are both designed with wind resistant and sturdy; although they can be a little bulky to carry around.

Rain boots and platforms are the cure for wet feet. Rain boots are great for dashing around town on errands and generally are budget friendly. On the other hand, platforms provide a stylish alternative for running around in the rain, and you’ll be elevated above the puddles!

Articles of clothing made out of fabrics that absorb water, such as cotton, should be avoided on wet and rainy days. Further more, there are numerous cuts for coats and trenches that are water resistant and fashion forward. Pleather is another fashionable method to stay dry as well.

With so many alternatives, staying dry and fashion forward is easier then ever before.


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