Trend Report: Spring Styles

As the days begin to get warmer, we are starting to see lighter colors, thinner fabrics, as well as shorter lengths! Let’s take shorts for instance; they are slowly climbing up the ladder again, but they are not alone. Since it’s still a bit chilly at times, they are being paired with some knee high boots, sheer tights, or knee high socks. And it’s not just shorts that are coming in, it’s jumpsuits as well. Colors are starting to brighten up, just in time to get ready for the summer and leave the winter behind. The colors are a bit more neutralized but are definitely more fun! This spring expect to see more earth tone shades and a lot more whites. White jeans are starting to come back this spring and are staying in for the summer! Handbags are always a great accessory and are definitely a must for the ladies. Cross bags are a unique trend that is still continuing to carry on, whether it’s a cute small bag, or a large tote!

By Maricela Torres