Insider Industry Interview: Owen Buenaventura, Fashion Event Producer/Director & Stylist

With a full house of invited guests sitting and standing, vendors, photographers, a DJ, an enthusiastic host, and a long and curvy runway; the models are waiting, the designers are exhausted, and the room is quite and dark. Backstage the Fashion Show Director shouts, “Lights! Camera! Fashion!” The runway is light up, the music is playing, the host greets the audience, and the production has begun.

Owen Buenaventura, a Fashion Event Producer/Director and Stylist, in San Francisco Calif., works with local designers to bring his and their vision to life.

Attending FIDM with a focus on Visual Communications, Buenaventura graduated in 2003. That same year he worked in production as a stage runner in “Macy’s Passport”, a fashion show that raises money to assist charity and different researches, such as a cure for AIDS/HIV.

Buenaventura is well known for working closely with designers Joseph Domingo, and Dcepcion, as well as styling for Bacca da Silva.

He explains that one must, “Build a relationship with a designer if you believe what they believe.”

“I am more of an artistic event producer/director,” says Buenaventura whose most recent production was in January of this year. A fashion show by the name of “Snow,” was held in San Francisco, had a “style code” of white, everyone from the models to the guests were dressed head to toe in all white.

“The show is only as good as the budget.” Buenaventura explains, if the city of San Francisco had big time sponsors, then the fashion industry in San Francisco would come together as one and have events, such as Fashion week, become bigger and better.

Working in San Francisco, Buenaventura has an insight on the cities sense of style. “It’s more relaxed, classic, safe, and traditional; it’s not ready for more than that.” There was a point in time when San Francisco had a fashion week and for whatever reasons the big investors, who would put these events on, took their dollars elsewhere.

Buenaventura’s advice to anyone that has a heart for fashion shows and different fashion events is that, “It’s all about quality, concentrate on quality then quantity.”  He stresses, “Murphy’s Law, what could go wrong will go wrong, it’s a preparation point and a challenge to seek the solution.”

By Arilia Winn