Dear Sassy

Dear Sassy,

Spring is here and summer is on its way, and a lot of stores have been putting out catchy spring dresses, shorts, miniskirts, and bikinis. Just the other day I went to break out one of my spring dresses when I noticed the cottage cheese on the back of my thighs!! Help!!! How can I still look cute and season appropriate, with all thighs considered?

Normal-Sized Girl

Well Normal Sized Girl,

I totally understand your problem! No worries, many stores are also selling really cute Capri pants, and longer shorts.Β  I just got a pair of some really cute olive green shorts from GUESS? Inc. that covers up my thighs, they look great on me, you should really check them out. Capri pants are a little more versatile; you should have at least one pair, maybe in dark denim, and you could dress them up really cute with sandals in the day and heels at night. Don’t let the way that your body looks stop you from dressing the way you want to dress, especially if you are happy with the way you look.

Not a Problem,