Dear Sassy

Dear Sassy,

The guy that I’ve had the biggest crush on finally asked me out! I’m really excited about the date, but there’s only one problem; I don’t know what to wear! He asked me out for dinner at a pretty nice yet easy-going restaurant, which makes things even more complicated. I don’t want to be too over dressed where he’s going to think I tried too hard yet I don’t want to look too casual where I won’t catch his attention. Can you give me some tips? : )


Tepid Over Hot Date

Dear Tepid Over Hot Date,

That’s awesome that you got asked out by your crush! I definitely agree with you, you should not over do it on the first date.  As casual as they can be, I would say stay away from jeans and try a dress on (not too revealing but cute and easy going). If you want to tone it down, I would pair with some boots or leggings. I would also suggest staying away from open toed heels. Try a wedge; they are cute, add height, are more comfortable, and appear to say “I look cute, but I didn’t overdue it”. I hope this helps and good luck on your date!