Runway 2010: Nouvelle

People screamed at the San Francisco Design Center as Runway 2010: Nouvelle finally hit its’ start. With over 700 people in attendance, the Fashion Network Association and Apparel Design and Merchandising students at San Francisco State University sat in awe as the 3 month long planning of the event commenced.

Graduating seniors from the ADM program showcased their fashion designs down the runway showing over 300 looks with unique and different tastes. It was a show that showed the diversity and well-rounded designs that these students learn from the Apparel & Merchandising program at SFSU.

Many people were involved in the fashion show and without them the show wouldn’t have been as great of a success as it was. Over 75 models, 50 committee members, 25 designers, 9 wonderful FNA Officers and Connie Ulasewicz, the FNA Advisor and ADM Instructor all helped with this wonderful fashion show.

Along with the ADM students, Wee Scotty, an innovative fashion school and a creative outlet for young designer to learn and grow, also showcased designs down the runway. Children ages 5-8 brought the audience a lot of excitement as they strutted their children’s looks down the runway.

The music, the hype, the excitement, and everyone showing their love for fashion were all present at Runway 2010: Nouvelle.

Thanks to the Merchandising, Modeling, Public Relations, and Stage/Set Design committees the show was a great success and created anticipation for what’s going to walk down the runway next year.

The show was named Runway 2010:Nouvelle, meaning new or modern in French and everyone who worked to make the show happen, truly did accomplish.

By Lexie Tiongson