The Art of Branding

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Thursday August 19, the crowd gathered in Pigment Cosmetic to attend the Fashion Mash Up hosted by SFFAMA to discuss the importance of the increasing movement towards using technology to help brand and promote oneself in the business world. An impressive line up of entrepreneurs featured Nikol Elaine, Ivan Lopez of Artillery A&G, Joanna Riley of 360 Fashion Network, Shannon Mattingly of Show Stoppers and Katie Quinn.

Amongst the shower of gems of knowledge, several interesting rules of thumb were revealed: Twitter has a business oriented approach, Facebook cultivates a feeling of a relationship, personalize everything to make sure you stand out from the sea of people, anyone is a potential lead, know what you want before you open your mouth, prove that you are credible, when introducing yourself be specific and don’t standardize yourself – ask what makes you different from everyone else, and you have ten seconds to get someone excited about you.

These were just a few of the gems from the plethora of information at the Fashion Mash Up and without a doubt there are many more to come as SFFAMA continues to grow and expand.

By Jessica Schoefer