Trend Report: Rocking Rocky Raccoon

After only a few minutes of strolling the streets of Union Square, the prevalence of a relatively new fashion accessory swiftly gained my attention. An unusual but oh-so curious piece has made its way onto the purses and belt buckles of urban ladies as well as numerous celebrities. One’s initial reaction to this accessory may be one of skepticism and uncertainty, however the growing popularity of this trend is only asking for one thing: its own place modern fashion (whether or not it be short lived). The esteem for none-but-only raccoon tail charms and chains has been featured on the likes of refined stars such as Victoria Beckham to urban hip hop stars like Kanye West.

Designer brands such as Louis Vuitton and Coach currently include faux tail key chains in their accessory lines. Both designers have taken a similar spin on the rising trend by dying the faux tails with a variety of vibrant hues, in comparison to the natural colors normally evident in animal fur. With the fall season rolling on by and the need for warmth against the chilling San Francisco cold, the prospects for the raccoon tail rage are high. In any case, if the trend is only temporary than at least the tail can serve as a useful embellishment to frozen fingers or numbed necks. Presently my only concern this season is for the tail-less raccoons…poor little guys.

By Andrea Rocha