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London: it’s that faraway city, melting the old and the modern together in such a brilliant way. Just as the modern buildings sit beside the buildings that have seen hundreds of years go by, the fashion is one in the same. Vintage and modern are constantly being mixed together in a way that only Londoners can do. Though there is an endless amount I can tell you in regards to this fashion capitol, I find it appropriate to start with my experience of London’s iconic Fashion Week, held in the end of September.

I was lucky enough to attend the wrap up of the week at London’s beautiful neo-classical arts center, Somerset House, right on the river Thames. Before the show, a vast range of clothing lines gathered within the multiple floors and rooms of the building for sample sales of the latest season. It was wonderful to experience such European influence on fashion within the walls of the house, and so many cultures spoke through the clothing all at once. This experience would probably be classified as a trendy shopper’s dream-come-true.

In the mix of clothes, jewelry, and handbags, were multiple sponsors promoting their products. Jaques Fruit Cider had to be my favorite promotion due to the lovely samples, but joining them were ELLE, Special K, Diet Coke, Juicy Couture, and much more. Various makeup companies, including Elizabeth Arden, set up demonstrations and makeover trials in the room leading to the show tent. The night felt like a celebration of fashion and beauty, with every fashionista dressed their very best for the other attendees to observe – I most definitely took part in the dressing up as well!

The fashion show was beautifully done and to the point. Key trends and pieces of the Autumn/Winter 2010 season were highlighted. I somehow got front row seats, so please enjoy the photos of the trends appearing across the pond!

Trends from the show:
Nomad: Wool, warmth, a bit of sparkle
Kramer vs. Kramer: Simple, sophisticated, easy to wear
Beauty: Elegant Eyes, Scarlet Lips, Fresh Face

Key pieces courtesy of ELLE Magazine: ELLE was so kind to outline the key pieces of the season for the event attendees. For those of you reading, take a look at this article to gain insight on the wardrobe-musts this season:

By Rachel Gellerman


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