Feuding Fashion Designers – Round 3

By Jessica Schoefer

Tuesday, March 1, the crowd gathered a the Rickshaw Stop to watch two talented designers from the Bay Area go head to head in Fashion Feud Round 3. If you thought Project Runway contestants had it rough, picture this. Two designers given one hour to design a complete outfit, from four yards of fabric neither of them have seen before hand. At the end of the hour, the models must be in the completed garment. From there the judging begins.

In the past there were two judges, while the crowd’s cheering scale acted as the tie breaker. However, in true Bay Area style, the crowd casts their votes via smart phone which quickly tallies the votes for the tie breaker.

Image courtesy of Jessica Schoefer

Hosted by SFFAMA, Fashion Feud becomes a social gathering while the designers work over their sewing machines. With a music pumping though the speakers, the crowd makes their way through the various venders, the cash bar, and perhaps the make over table while the second floor offers a foosball table and a birds eye view of the happenings.

If you haven’t made it to a previous Fashion Feud, there is only one more scheduled for this year, the Finale. Tuesday April 12 the three victorious designers from the previous three rounds will meet to find out who will win the right to call themselves the 2011 Fashion Feud Champion.

The event is free. For more information check out http://fashionfeudlive.com/san-francisco/event-details

Image courtesy of Jessica Schoefer