Industry Insider: Superdry USA District Manager Christopher Selman

By Michelle Lopez

Superdry is one of the most unique fashion retailers today. Originally from the UK, Superdry is inspired by Japanese design and vintage Americana style, combined, make for the ultimate fusion in fresh clothing. Superdry focuses on style, fit, and tailoring, making it one of the few retailers today that deliver ultimate style at affordable prices. Superdry’s first North American Store opened in November 9th, 2009 in New York and recently completed their first year anniversary here in San Francisco, located in Westfield shopping center on Market Street.

This is where I met up with Christopher Selman, Superdry USA’s District Manager. With in a few moments of meeting Christopher, you can already get a sense that he is fit to work at Superdry. His style and enthusiasm to speak to FNA about what he does in his daily life working with Superdry provided a wealth of information.

Selman began his career in retail while working at a small boutique in New York’s SoHo when he was recruited from Superdry USA. He began in their flagship store located at 718 Broadway in New York. When asked if he always wanted to be in the retail industry, he said he always knew he wanted to be in retail. He began since the age of 17 and continued to expand his interest in retail.

Interestingly, his college plans were different. He first intended to become a pre-med, but as he became more involved in fashion, he decided that this is where he wanted to be. He attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City where he graduated with an Advertising degree. When asked how his degree from FIT helped in his c

areer, he said that his work experience helped see how you could spin it in terms on management on the job.

A typical day for Christopher in Superdry is anything but typical. Every day is different. “Not one day is the same…there are unique opportunities that I am involved in. One day I could be dealing with operations, the next could be leases, working on new techniques, meetings with merchandisers from UK”. Every day calls for something ne

w and exciting for Christopher as District Manager for Superdry and it shows. He mentioned how close and passionate the Superdry team is. They are this small, “tight knit, passionate group of people trying to make this brand happen, so dedicated, all working together for the same goal.” With a smile, poise, and confidence, Christopher said that “Superdry will be the next brand”.

When asked what advice he gives students trying to get into the fashion industry he offered these kind words: “start off at a cool brand, one that you think best represents you. Work hard, take those extra shifts.” Christopher

graciously said if you work hard and are passionate about the industry, you will be successful.

Since my interview with Christopher in November, Superdry has been mentioned on E!

Entertainment and various magazines including celebrities such as Anna Faris and Kristen Stewar

t have been spotted wearing the brand. They have several stores internationally and in New York and Los Angeles and will continue to grow and open stores within the next few years. Superdry is the next brand and I am confident of that. Watch out for Christopher and his team as they dominate the freshest in street gear.

Be sure to check out and their blog to be up to date on all things Superdry!