Branding – Personal Gold Nugget

By Jessica Schoefer


Thursday March 24th, the Fashion Network Association had the chance to pick the mind of visiting CEO and Founder of Zing Your Brand, a New York based PR firm, Mary van de Wiel.

With just fifteen minutes of Wiel’s time, the FNA jumped at the chance to ask Wiel just how a small organization could work to gain greater exposure, and create a greater awareness in the community.


Although, the answers she provided to the FNA were truly invaluable nuggets of information, her answers revealed how one could work to develop a greater awareness of one’s personal brand as well.


–          Have a platform. A platform is at its best when the base line of who one is relates to a larger thing. (ex.)

–          Express one’s voice. Having a unique way to see and say ones thoughts think helps separate one from the crowd. What is so important that one has a message that is of value to other that will make them want to remember you?

–          Get a mentor. Mentor’s a individuals who consent to be your sounding wall. A mentor is invaluable with the insight and the guidance they can provide.


All these questions are difficult to answer. Indeed, the FNA has some soul searching to do to create a stronger voice with in the fashion community. However, with these suggestions there is no doubt that both the FNA and the Fashion File’s readers will emerge with the tools to better manifest their desired futures.