THE NEW TREND – SF Style into new era of Fashion and Evolution

San Francisco is city of diversity, culture, style. SF is one of the major cities that solidly represent urban culture and development. Instead of simply following the fashion trends, San Franciscans aren’t afraid to take the of-the-moment fashion style out of the loop and create their own sassy brand of personality and character. Amongst the different perspective of fashion and individual representation, some of the upcoming rookie designers give their ideas to the new generation of style.

Image courtesy of Bryan Vo

GOLDNTHREAD, designed by Hagen Valencia, portrays his line as

inventive and inspirational. “I want to inspire others to step out of the boundaries of mainstream fashion and to keep the idea of the American dream alive. The theme for this collection was inspired by the military. I took the idea of 80’s power dressing and wanted each girl to have a strong look. The idea of a girl who is strong and confident is t

he exact target for this line. The menswear look is more of a simplistic concept which leans towards a military look.”

Different lengths and pieces that are put together from an individual represent a certain quality. Lipstick, liquid leggings, chamb

ray, printed knits and studded shoulders all give a snazzy look of the San Francisco emblem. These are simply one of the many ideas come from the fashion of years past which have been brought back and redesigned with more form fitting, vibrant colors, and louder details that give a fresher and funky approach.

“I can live in san Francisco forever. With the latest articles of clothing and different collections, I can shop and live for fashion”, says a San Francisco activist.

Image courtesy of Bryan Vo

San Francisco is known to be open to new ideas and aspirations for putting you own taste into your wardrobe. From goodwill vintage tops to couture pleated pants, one can mix and match anything and make it your own. We are getting into a new era of individuality. It is no longer about succumbing to the normality of fashion and following the trends dictated in fashion magazines; fashion is now a two way street. With the latest influx of creativity from GOlDENTHREAD, San Francisco will still remain known for high end in class and character.

By Bryan Vo