Dear Sassy

I have been noticing a lot of flares in stores recently. I have been wondering if it is something that would look good on a shorter girl like myself? Is this a trend that I should invest in, and how would you suggest I wear it?


Feared for flares.

Dear Feared for flares,

I have been seeing a lot more flares recently as well. It is definitely a spring trend, but like all trends it was a chance at becoming the next staple in our wardrobe. I started seeing the flare trend around last Black Friday when J Brand released the Love Story flare. Now that department stores are starting to carry their spring collections, I have noticed that almost every denim label is offering some version of the flare. A few of my favorites are: Love Story by J Brand, Hutton by Citizens of Humanity, and Joy by DL1961.

The flare trend is the essence of the 1970s inspiration that seems to be taking over this spring season. However, while the flare is a great option to the ever so popular skinny jean, be careful not to take on the 70s trend too literally. You do not want to look in the mirror and suddenly realize that you could be the next Charlies Angel or Studio 54 dancer.

I think the best way to wear the flare for day is to make it look effortless. I do not think there is anything more chic than a woman that has thrown on these simple pieces that fill her with confidence. A dark flare paired with a wedge is a great way to get that long column look that you need for a flare. Try pairing the jeans with a great fitting t-shirt, pendant necklace, and wedge. These will help add the illusion of length.

For those girls who feel that the jeans might be too long, do not fear you do have options! Pair up with your favorite sales associate so that they can help you get the perfect fit. Often you may go into the store thinking you know what you want, but end up leaving because they do not fit the right way; there may be another brand or fit that looks more flattering. There is no easy way to find the perfect pair of jeans, so try them all on. Yes it will take a long time, but you should be satisfied in the end.

Second do not be afraid to get an alteration. Most stores offer alterations at a good price (sometimes even free), and also there are plenty of places to go outside of the store. Department stores are usually proud to stand behind their work, so do not be afraid if it does not come out right, they will fix it for you so you are happy with your product.

Lastly, most brands offer their products in different inseam lengths. However most department stores generally carry regular inseam (which is about 34” to 35”), they do offer some “petite” (31” inseam) options. Denim labels do make jeans in long inseams, however those generally are special order.

Do not fear jeans, they can be your best friend. At the end of the day you live your life in them and you should love them. I always suggest that you should never buy anything unless you are madly in love with it. The last thing you want is to open your closet and for it it be full of items with the tags still attached. Instead you should open your closet and it be full of items that inspire you, and that you could throw on in any combination and create an amazing look. Do not fear trends, embrace them and make them your own. That is the only way you will be comfortable with them.

Good Luck!