SF State Style: Stella Tesfai’s Inspiration

By Danielle Wright

Stella Tesfai, 18 is a freshman at SF State and she is Eritrean. Stella moved to San Francisco from Sacramento, CA and now lives by Ocean Beach where she makes a short commute to school.

This is a photo of her necklace, which shows the pride she has for her country. If you don’t know about Eritrea, it is a small country in East Africa. The necklace she is wearing is authentic and handmade from her country. Stella tends to get her inspiration from her culture, such as tribal prints and lots of brown, orange and lots of earth tones. Even though Eritrea plays a huge role, Stella has worked for Abercrombie & Fitch which has influenced some of her style choices. As many of us may know, that as an employee of any retailer, you are to maintain the image of that company in store, and as an employee of A&F, Stella wears the clothes they sell in store. Leaving the store hasn’t stopped Stella from naturally wearing the clothes from A&F. You can catch Stella in lots of flannels of different colors as well as the infamous Abercrombie jeans, you can recognize by the pockets, and to complete her outfit she wears a pair of moccasins. For those colder days in the Bay we all know and “love”, she may add the nice touch of a flannel inspired scarf.