SFSU Designer: Macrina Garcia, Empowering Women Through Clothing

By Emmeline Wei

The theme is empowerment through expression – This week we had the opportunity to interview one of SFSU’s design-students. We were excited to hear back from this student and get the chance to hear about her personal experiences, goals and inspirations.

22 year old, Macrina Garcia aspires to be an influential urban street-wear designer. Just like one of her idol designers, Lanie Alabanza-Barcena (founder of Hellz-Bellz), Macrina strives to make an impact for women in the industry through urban clothing-wear. Her interest in graphic-design started at a younger age when she began drawing. Growing up in San Francisco, she explained her influence and inspirations that came from the people and lifestyle around her. Music, pop-culture, celebrities, urban-trends and personal style all contribute to Garcia’s fortitude to express her-self and the elements she’s observed in fashion. It wasn’t until college that Garcia realized that her passion was in fashion and clothes. After years of analyzing what her friends wore and what the media projected, she decided to take matters in her own hands. In which case, Macrina decided to combine her interest in design to construct a product that had the potential to empower women just as much as men in the field of fashion, pop-culture and media.

‘Fashion is a statement about who you are’ – Anon.

In this case, what you wear helps describe that definition. Macrina’s style is quite popular in the cities. Trendy, urban, fun yet classy – all describe the urban and street lifestyle that also caters to the night clubs and party scenes of almost any metropolitan area. It’s no accident that after years of being immersed in the urban lifestyle that Garcia would like to someday open up her own street wear boutique next door to a night-club. Talk about connecting the dots! A joint business with a club and her own fashion line next door definitely has the potential to prosper. Getting there will be half the journey!
When asked what her focus was as a designer, Macrina replied with a smile,“Designing and my designs for clothes”. Not any different from most students out there, as she has repeatedly enforced that her main focused will be developing her blueprints, preparing and strengthening her portfolio and learning how to sew. Garcia humbly admits that she is still learning the skills and trade it takes to be an adequate designer, but her determination to unite her passion as a career will be her driving force.
Unfortunately, Macrina’s work won’t be featured in this year’s winter fashion show in December hosted by the Fashion Network Association. However, she intends to be an active participant of the show by filling out a model form for the event!

Look for Macrina as she walks down the runway wearing garments from fellow SFSU designers.

We hope to see you at Impressions on December 9th 7pm at Jack Adams Hall for our premier on campus!

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