By Bryan Vo

The Fashion Network Association presents to you its annual Winter Fashion Show: Impressions! You can see the latest designs by students of San Francisco State University, consisting of stunning masterpieces that bring their most profound ideas and creativity to the runway

Want to get the latest buzz on the fashion show? Let us catch you up on what’s been going on with FNA’s recent collection!

Impressions was brought together to showcase the variety of techniques that the SF State’s Apparel Design and Merchandising student’s can demonstrate. These students had many different tastes and were piloted into their very own way of showing individuality.

FNA designers such as Julia Hanson, Tricia Brooks, Pamela Sison and many others had a wide range of jaw dropping outfits to keep your eyes on the runway. One designer, Jonathan Cheung, an ADM student, tells us his experience and ideas that he puts forth in Impressions.

My style was to show a little bit of animal-inspired prints together with a fitted retro look,” said Cheung. “I was very happy on how everything turned out with my collection and glad that everyone saw what my idea was.”

For their vintage and trendy pieces, designers were encouraged to reused and recycle wasted apparel to turn into current trends as the better alternative to dumping old fashion. Connie Ulasewicz, FNA faculty advisor, informed the audience that transforming an old shirt into something new and fresh from your own fabrication would save it from being disposed. “Fashion leads to waste. [This is] what can we do to help prevent that,” Ulasewicz said.

Gorgeous and empowered models strut down the runway to reveal the reused and recycled clothing designs as a piece we can incorporate in our everyday lives. The potential that these out dated clothes have to break free from being trapped in our closets or in the landfills were displayed on the runway by models like [GRADE/YEAR] Je Revien Richeson. “I was nervous but loved every minute of it,” said Richeson when asked about her experience modeling for the fashion show. “I was only modeling for FNA for fun but it was a great experience [and] something I might look into.

Impressions had people thinking, smiling and enjoying a fabulous time. From animal prints to bold color-blocking, FNA does it again with the best cuts, color and class.

Be on the lookout for FNA’s next fashion show in the spring of 2012 – that you don’t want to miss!

Check out photos taken by Jonathan Fiamor at FNA’s facebook gallery page.