Member Spotlight: Lauren Engbritson

Fashion Network Association


          Meet Lauren Engbritson! A San Francisco State University freshman majoring in Journalism. This friendly and laidback model is originally from Sacramento. She hopes to combine her fashion and journalism interest to write in fashion magazines like Vogue. Lauren is still developing her style but for the most part describes it as “high fashion but casual”. Her first interest in fashion started off by watching Americas Next Top Model. Lauren couldn’t have imagined being in the modeling industry but after being approached by a Barbizon Talent Search it gave her “confidence into modeling”. Everything sure happens for a reason because this opportunity lead her to starting her modeling career and to learn more about the fashion industry.

          As far as being in the FNA Lauren finds “it’s been a fun and good way to meet people”. She was excited to model for this fall’s FNA fashion show. She comments “it reminds me when my friends and I created a fashion show in my house.”

          On the weekends, you’ll find Lauren working at Abercrombie and Fitch or getting dressed up for a night out with friends.  You might even catch her shopping at her favorite places in Union Square or Valley Fair.

          So if you see this easygoing fashionista around don’t be afraid and say hi!