Designing A Difference

February 4th marked the first annual display of Designing a Difference Fashion show held at the African American Art and Culture Complex on Fulton Street. The event welcomed guests and friends to a memorable night of creations by many known designers from SFSU whose work were showcased on the runway. The evening started out with a 6pm cocktail hour of refreshments and light snacks for attendees, who had a chance to meet and mingle with others as well as the press and get their photos taken.

To get the show started, MC host Norma Kropelnicki enlightened the audience with her enthusiasm for the Designing a Difference show founded by CEO Rebecca Cahua, from San Francisco State.  After a brief introduction, the opening band Kiwi Times set the stage for the night with soulful Indie rock melodies. The extensive instrumentals and drowned vocals left the impression of a laid back, but on the edge excitement which boiled down until the first model made her first steps upstage.

The occasion brought along several press and freelance photographers of various backgrounds to capture the annual moments. Among the number of press attendants, FNA’s blog committee representatives got the chance to connect with Glory Archie from Swell Attitude, a men’s designer wear tailoring service. News about an upcoming fashion show hosted by their organization was discussed with an opportunity to attend future events. Another representative from Mobofoto, Marc Olivier and his intern, were spotted back stage after the show. Marc generously shared a link to his organization’s portfolio and blog, which includes a look book, that can be found at his site on Mobofoto.

The show featured various designer lines that ranged from seasonal, classics to wild, fun and expressive garments. The set up followed after each display was presented, designers would take their bow after their last model concluded their collection. As such a total of 9-10 collections were featured in the show. Among some of the more conservative collections followed a sprinkle of bold colors and geometric designs and shape. From the trendy strapless martini style dress’ and A-line sleeveless knee-highs to a collection of fashionable white, modern and even signature looks, a marvelous display of creativity and visual perspective swept the stage as the audience stood in applause after the show.  As the closing number, Kiwi Times brought to a close quite a memorable and successful event for Cahua and her team backstage.

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Written by Emmeline Wei


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