Welcome to Fall 2012!

Hello current and future FNA members! The Fall semester has finally begun and we are eager to see everyone’s faces and potential for this upcoming semester.

Last spring semester, FNA achieved the great accomplishment of putting on the Runway 2012: Defined show with great success, and hope all who participated and attended enjoyed the feeling of success that encompassed The Galleria. FNA is looking forward to continuing this stream of successful events, all with the help of a great new board of officers and new members for this semester!

Here is our Executive Board for the Fall 2012-Spring 2013 year.

President: Kayla Odwald
Vice President: Jessie Couberly
Secretary: Jennifer Davis
Treasurer: Ashley Sazo

The FNA are tabling during the first few weeks of the semester for any current or potential members to be able to speak with current members and/or officers about the association and how they can participate. There are still officer positions available, and you can also get information on the various committees you can join to help. We aim to be consistently tabling for the next 2-3 weeks. You are more than welcome to come to our table with any questions, concerns, or just to chat!  We are very excited by the amount of interested students who signed up for our mailing list during the Open House days the week before the semester started.

If you are interested in signing up for an e-mail notifying you when our first informational meeting will be, please sign up at the FNA table in the quad, or sign up on the sign up sheet outside Burk Hall 329 on the 3rd floor. You will be notified in about 1-2 weeks time when that meeting will be. We are projecting some time during the week of Sept. 9.

If you are sure you would like to be a member, please fill out an FNA Member application, which can be found at the FNA Bulletin Board outside BH 329 (3rd floor), or online here. Drop this in the FNA mailbox in BH329, or bring it with you to the first meeting. Please also remember the membership dues are $10, and we would like you to submit this with your application.

For any questions, you may comment on this blog post or send an e-mail to sfsufna@gmail.com.

Please be sure to like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter.  And be sure to follow this blog on WordPress and on your RSS feed.

We are all excited to participate in events this semester and to meet new members!