Fall 2012 – a look ahead

Hello fashion followers!

We were so happy by the attendance in the first meeting last Thursday–the room was packed! We have all been busy trying to organize the best meeting place and time and we have our start! Our meetings for the Fall 2012 semester are every Thursday in Burk Hall 354 from 3:30-4:30. Please join us if you are interested in becoming a member. If you are committed, please bring a FNA application which can be found in BH 329 or here.

Last meeting, we did member and officer introductions, explained a little about each of our committees throughout the semester and for each semester’s fashion show: Model, PR, Fundraising, Event Planning, Stage. We also went straight into a normal meeting, explaining different events coming up and making sure members are up to date.

We are still looking for members to fill officer and assistant positions. See the meeting minutes for the open positions. (You will receive the meeting minutes if you are on the mailing list or are a member.)

We have set our first bonding event! We are having a shopping party at Madewell. To be apart of this, you must join FNA! These are the benefits you get from joining the association.

As members become permanent and officer and assistant positions become filled, and writers are recruited into the blog committee, you will see more posts here! Hopefully, we will have our blogger members write/submit posts about September fashion weeks. There is a lot to cover, and so little time!

As an association, FNA is looking to do more charity work and get more involved in working in the fantastic city of San Francisco. Please join the FNA if you are interested in opportunities to volunteer, opportunities to attend parties and showcases, and want to hear about job and internship opportunities in the local fashion realm.

Last note, if you are a member of FNA and are interested in writing for the blog, please email sfsufna@gmail.com or sophiecalzada.sc@gmail.com with your contact information and if you currently have a blog, that too, to see what your writing style is like. The FNA are still organizing how the blog will work. Please keep checking back for new posts and members, join us at our meetings or join the mailing list to get more information on becoming part of the blog committee. If you are more interested in having your personal fashion blog linked on the FNA website, send that information to sophiecalzada.sc@gmail.com.


For any questions, you may comment on this blog post or send an e-mail to sfsufna@gmail.com.

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