New to fashion blogging, or stuck and need some motivation? IFB to the rescue!

Every fashionista understands how intimidating it might be to blog about fashion. It is changing every day, the fashion community is so fast-paced and competitive, you may feel that you can’t stand out.

But fear not! The Independent Fashion Bloggers association is a website filled with tips, guides, and help for fashion bloggers. Tips include how to use technology for blogging, guides to keep interest and followers, as well as fashion news. They can show you how to best utilize Twitter and Pintrest, how to network, and how to work with brands. There is also forums galore to be able to interact with other IFB members.

I came across this blog as I was looking for awesome SF fashion bloggers to help promote a Textile Bazaar (which you will see posts about later!) that the FAMSF’s Textile Arts Council has asked a couple of FNA members to assist with in media.

The site looks so helpful, and there are plenty of resources for new and experienced bloggers alike. There is a free membership for all who look to join the site and utilize the resources. A few things, your blog will be looked at by staff of IFB, to ensure that your blog is a fashion blog. The main theme of your blog has to be fashion. Whether it is style finds, street style, or personal style, I’m sure you will gain membership!

Go ahead and join, and hopefully your new skills and learnings will contribute to both your personal fashion blog and the blog here for the FNA!


Go for it! Learn and network!

Written by: Sophie Calzada, Website Chair