One man’s junk is another man’s treasure

San Francisco State Students recognized for collaboration with Goodwill.

Runway 2012: Defined 

            San Francisco State’s Apparel Design and Merchandising department set out to change the idea of Goodwill and the idea of second hand clothing. The students showed their commitment to change through getting involved in the community at local Goodwill shops. The ADM students produced ads that were created by the SFSU’s Marketing students. These ads explained that Goodwill can not only benefit shoppers by finding unique articles of clothing at a lower price point, but by also donating to our local community, such as the Spring 2012 Runway show: Defined.
           These students took on the responsibility to continuously re-design the window displays for the Goodwill flagship store on Van Ness and the store in West Portal for a thirteen-week period. This gave Goodwill the benefit of fashion students taking the initiative to produce a creative window display for all of their customers, ultimately bring more people into the store. They also helped one-on-one with the community as newly employed Goodwill employees were able to watch them work, learning what it takes to create an eye-catching window display.  SFSU Apparel Design and Merchandising designers recreated garments donated from Goodwill and showed them in the fashion show, Runway 2012: Defined. This show was produced by the Fashion Network Association + Apparel Design and Merchandising students at San Francisco State University.
            The SFSU Students were recognized at the Runway: Defined 2012 fashion show by Tim Murray, the brand marketing director of Goodwill, as well as in this article linked below:
Congratulations on the tremendous success SF State’s Apparel Design and Merchandising Department had with this show and the partnership with Goodwill!
You can check out the footage of the recognition and the recreated garment from Goodwill below.

Written by: Peyton Howell, Blog Assistant