FNA+Madewell Bonding Event 9/30/12

In the spirit of fashion, what better way to kick off the FNA Fall 2012 semester than a shopping party?

On a cool, Sunday evening, the FNA members put on their trendiest attire and headed downtown for a fun and fashionable night ahead at a contemporary retail store called Madewell. Upon our arrival, we were all given the royal treatment when after closing hours, they exclusively let us have the entire store to mingle and shop. Not to mention, we were given a discount of up to 20% off our entire purchase (My college budget was definitely in luck that night!)
From the moment we walked into the store, the atmosphere was welcoming as we were greeted with the warm smiles of the Madewell sales associates. Jennifer Davis, the secretary of the FNA, as well as sales associate, directed us to the middle of the store, where we were presented with beverages and a delicious selection of mini cupcakes. Once we were given the cue, we immediately hit the clothing racks and proceeded to shop the night away.
Another awesome perk to the event was when we able to take pictures with Madewell’s Polaroid camera— a new feature that the FNA was the first to test out! How it worked was simple— just try on anything in the store, grab a friend or two, and flash a big smile or make a silly face for the camera! It was definitely a hit amongst all the members as they were able to bond over their awesome souvenirs.
During my shopping experience, I found quite a few items that struck my attention— particularly the friendship bracelets at the Bracelet Bar display and the Gold Rush Jean Jacket. The bracelets were so vibrant and unique, making it no easy decision on the perfect one…or two. I also grew fond of the jean jacket, and it was my personal favorite item in the store because of its style and versatility.
The highlight of my night at Madewell were the familiar and not-so-familiar faces I had the chance to interview, upon which I asked what their thoughts were on the first bonding event of the semester.
First-time FNA member Myra Marquez said that she liked the event because she met a lot of new people, found items that she admired, and liked that Madewell was shut down exclusively for the FNA; Bo Seo was fond of the generous staff members who willingly assisted everyone with their stylish finds.
Jennifer Davis, whom I mentioned earlier is a FNA member as well as sales associate, said, “I’m really excited about the turnout of the event. I love that I got to both work and bond with the FNA members at the same time.”
FNA member Tèa Jiang mentioned it was her first time in Madewell and added, “I love the fact that the first bonding event literally fits right in with fashion.”
Lastly, I spoke with our FNA President, Kayla Oswald, who was also pleased with the turnout and found it memorable “seeing everyone buy something and walk out with a shopping bag because it shows that they really enjoyed their time.”
Overall, the night was truly a success, and there are certainly more memorable bonding events to come with the FNA!
Written by: Jayda McClendon, FNA member

Pictures coming soon!