Fall Goodwill Window Displays

     This fall we were given an awesome opportunity to help our San Francisco community in a fashionable way. In October, we were given permission to help out our local Goodwill shops in various areas by dressing display mannequins according to seasonal themes for each shop’s front window. There were groups of three FNA members each who were designated to change the displays. The volunteers were given a certain week out of the month to go at least two times to help display the windows, unless the merchandise on the displays were not for sale. We were given this opportunity for the Haight Street and West Portal Goodwill locations, as well as the Goodwill Flagship store on Van Ness.

FNA member Nick Maltagliati shared his experience from the Van Ness Goodwill by saying, “We both had a blast, as Savannah (DiGiuseppe) sent me on missions to find certain items, we used things we both could agree on. We felt we helped in a big way by changing the displays while having fun. ” Each Goodwill store had an idea of what they wanted their front window display to look like. While one store wanted their window to be displayed with creative Halloween costumes the other wanted their window to have a color scheme of black and orange for the San Francisco Giants. Now that the Holidays are fast approaching some themes that could be chosen for the upcoming window displays are Christmas/Thanksgiving themed and cold winter outfit themed.

This experience is a big opportunity for FNA members, especially if you are looking into visual merchandising. We were not only given a fun experience but were able to get a feel of what it was like to create a piece on a mannequin according to color, theme, season, and preference. Members were encouraged to take pictures of their outfits to put into a portfolio or just as a keepsake.

FNA hopes to do this throughout December and in the future. We encourage all FNA members to sign up and partake in this opportunity. It’s not something that you can do on a daily basis, and it’s really fun!

Written by: Peyton Howell, Blog Assistant