Welcome back Fashion lovers!


Welcome back Fashion Lovers!

As we paid our dues and said goodbye to 2012, we welcomed with open arms 2013. The Fashion Network Association has so much to look forward to this semester and I’m so excited for what is in store for our Association. We are currently in the process of planning bonding events, fundraisers, and narrowing down the soon to be name for our Spring Runway show. We have a new Secretary, Treasure, and Events Coordinator and we have more positions open to fill!

I’d like to start by saying if you are currently reading this and are not a member of the FNA, you should stop what you’re doing and sign up! The FNA would love to expand our family of fashion lovers at SF State. You can find out information on joining our Association at http://userwww.sfsu.edu/fna/new_website/home.html or by coming into Burk Hall 329 and asking for more information.

We had our first bonding event on February 9th ,  where volunteered FNA Members were able to set up for the PINK FASHION SHOW, which was a charity based fashion show where aspiring designers and models were able to walk for breast cancer for a night strutting pink dresses and suits! A group of members hopped on the muni and traveled downtown to a tiny studio and from 3-8 set up by creating an auction table, hanging up banners, taking tickets and getting gift bags and a food display together. All the money donated went towards breast cancer related charities and not only was it a wonderful show to watch but it was very heart warming seeing people walk for a cause!


We also had our first guest speaker of the semester come speak to us on Wednesday! Her name is Jennie Lodge and she is the Brand Manager of Threadflip. Threadflip is an online social marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved fashions!

Like Poshmark, all you have to do is take pictures of clothing you want to part with and you can sell, buy and trade on their online website! Check it out at http://www.threadflip.com/shop. Not only does Jennie have a cool job but she also has a unique story! She is from Waverly, Iowa and after graduating from the University of Iowa moved west to San Francisco to pursue her Museum Studies at John F. Kennedy University.

Before becoming the Brand Manager at Threadflip she worked as the Social Media Coordinator at Piperlime, which is a California based online retail company in SF.  Jennie also runs a popular fashion blog! It originally started as a personal blog in 2009 as she moved from Iowa to San Francisco but has over the years transformed into a style blog about art, music, and mainly fashion. It was an awesome experience being able to hear her story and it was very inspiring to continue to pursue fashion dreams! Check out Jennie’s blog, you don’t want to miss it! http://www.goingwest.net/


Jennie Lodge


            This was just the beginning Fashion Lovers, get ready for an awesome semester!

Until next outfit,


Peyton E. Howell. Creative Director to the Blog