Interested in REALLY becoming part of the Blog team for the 2013-2014 year at the FNA?

Hi everyone!

It’s Sophie, your new VP. Myself and our new co-presidents are interested in strongly developing our online presence to gain better volunteer and styling opportunities in the Bay Area for our members.

I know a lot of FNA members like to blog, want to blog, etc. Β So, we want to make the blog not as scary to commit to!

We have a great new Blog Lead (a shorter name for Creative Director to the Blog), Stella Pu! She’s extremely polite and a great listener, she’ll be who you report to if you decide to contribute to the blog, whether as a part of the team as a FNA Blogger or if you submit a couple of posts here and there.

We all realize that if we want to make it in this fashion industry, blogging and expressing your personal style and opinion is so important.

With the guidance of Stella, Peyton, and myself, you’ll be able to collaborate with other bloggers to develop your writing style, editing skills, and how to enhance and promote your blog to the best of your ability.

As part of the Blog team, you’ll be able to submit any sort of posts! You can either choose to take an assignment, or create something on your own. Just pictures? That’s fine! Review on a fashion show? Perfect. Trend article, if you’re more into journalism? We would love it.

Remember, the blog will only be as good as the commitment the writers make to it.

Send us an email or comment below if you have questions or are interested! We are still working out logistics, so assignments/guidelines won’t be ready until the beginning of the semester. But take some time during the summer to build up your own blog and think about joining our Blog team! This is open to new members as well!

Direct your email to sfsufna [at] gmail [dot] com. ATTN: Sophie & Stella


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