DIY Bonding Event: Come Braid, Cut, Knot, Twist, and Dye…

T-shirts at the first bonding event of the semester! Don’t worry. We’re not giving each other crazy hairdos in honor of fashion week, though actually that may not be a bad idea. The other officers and I are so excited now that we have kicked off the semester with the first meeting, and can’t wait to meet and catch up with all of the FNA members. We thought that a t-shirt DIY bonding event would be a fantastic as well fashionable way for everyone to meet and get to know each other. All of us eagerly invite all of you to join us for the first bonding event of the fall semester.

When: Postponed until further notice

Where: To be announced

Bring: a t-shirt! (also scissors and a hot glue gun if you have them)

Here is a teaser for what’s to come (:

Hope to see everyone there!

<3 Stella Pu, Creative Director of the Blog

T-shirt DIY