“The Bling Ring” Movie Bonding Event Review


At the terrace level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center, many students (including the FNA attendees) gather amidst a flurry of blankets (provided free by the Associated Students Inc. if you fill out a quick survey) to watch the free movie screening of “The Bling Ring”, a movie directed by Sofia Coppola. Based on actual events, a string of robberies were conducted by a group of LA teenagers victimizing the wealthy and famous celebrities to fulfill their dreams of the A-list luxury lifestyle without a cost.


Photos courtesy of Alexandra Raya-Guerrero, blog photographer

Sometimes the temptation of obtaining material goods without purchasing them is hard to resist as these individuals make it look easy to commit their crime, utilizing the internet to determine when these celebrities would be vacant from their homes. Little did they know that they were being watched by security cameras and that the end to their stealing days of “fun” was drawing near.


What was quite intriguing with this movie was the naïve nature of these teenagers. What started out as stealing from their neighbors turn out to be bigger as they take stealing to the next level by targeting the famous. The movie shows how modern society has influenced teenagers to continuously want material goods and explains how these group of teenagers would make excuses to appear harmless for committing the crimes hoping to appear innocent in the public eye.

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What was lacking in this film were the motives of these characters. The answer of just wanting to be rich and have the celebrity lifestyle because that’s what everyone else in the world is striving for was not enough for me as a viewer to explain why each character committed such crimes. The movie followed the same formula of having the teenagers on the prowl for their next robbery, admiring themselves with the articles they have stolen, and then off to partying throughout each scene which serves as repetitive and lacking in terms of character development.

(photo courtesy of Alexandra Raya-Guerrero, blog photographer)

(Photo courtesy of Alexandra Raya-Guerrero, blog photographer)

On a side note, the ASI puts on free movie screenings on several Mondays at the top of the Cesar Chavez Student Center. If you’re looking for free movie screenings, be sure to check their Facebook page for updates. Other than that, hope to see all of you there at the next bonding event!

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Yolanda Thai – Events Writer