Trendy Halloween Threads

Halloween is one of those holidays that, no matter how much you plan for, you always end up kind of feeling rushed for that last piece of your costume at the last minute. Or you get your costume together and then you realize you absolutely hate the way it looks on you because it’s one of those costumes that just looks awful on everyone being that it’s made out of that weird shiny polyester crap. Or maybe you’re just one of those people that spent most of your October raging through midterms, and now that you’ve been invited to a thousand costume-themed house parties, you’re a little late on the costume brainstorming. No worries. Thanks to current trends like bats, velvet, occult-ish graphics and more, Halloween is a piece of spooky pie. Here’s some suggestions!

Vampy Campy vamp: With all the cool bat graphics flying about,  it’s easy to make a cute, fashionably casual vampire costume that is polyester cape optional. Try pairing a bat sweater with a sheer maxi skirt or velvet leggings, cute black or red heels and vampy (haha) accessories. Think coffins, roses, skeletons, etc with jewelry–just no silver (or garlic). Complete with some run-of-the-mill face paint or whatever vampire makeup tutorials you score on YouTube, and you’re all set! Bonus points if you walk around with a True Blood.

Vampy Campy Vamp

Crazy cat lady: Let’s face it. The spirit of the crazy cat lady lies dormant in all of us, and it’s finally manifested itself in the form of a fashion craze. This one is pretty easy, just score as much kitty swag as you can and wear it all at once. Kitty leggings, cat-eye glasses and feline footwear are running rampant in boutiques and department stores all over the place. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about clashing prints. The tackier you look, the better because you’re crazy! Finish your look with a kitty mask or cat ears and some drawn on whiskers for the purrfect costume. Pun totally intended.

Crazy cat lady

Twitchy witch: Thanks to the recent illuminati obsession, this too is a pretty easy costume. Velvet details work here too, as does morbid/romantic accessories. Triangles and evil eyes, ouija board graphics, crosses, skulls, leather details, black  maxi skirts and little booties are easily found everywhere at this point, so find the style that works for you, keep it black, get a broom and a witch hat and you’re ready to bubble up some toil and trouble!  A long black knit cardigan would really pull a look like this together as well, so this costume would work if you’re trying to have a cute costume in the cold (that’s right, you can have both! ).

Twitchy Witch

The best part about these ideas is that you can wear any of these pieces after Halloween is over and not feel like you wasted money on a one time outfit. At the end of your favorite holiday, you’ll have a super current, edgy wardrobe for fall/winter. You’re so smart!

Have a super fun and safe Halloween!

Don’t forget a jacket!

Love, Amaka- Blog Writer