The Leather Jacket

Everyone needs that staple, closet essential they cannot live without and pair with almost everything. A statement piece that is in trend now and almost impossible to see go out of style, is the leather jacket. This versatile piece can fit within anyoneโ€™s style as it can be styled is so many various ways. The biker jacket can be worn with a sundress to toughen up the look, or perhaps paired with an outfit worn at the office for the perfect transition from a day at work to a night out.

Photo 1 (leather jacket)

Photo 2 (leather jacket)

Leather jackets, or also known as moto or biker jackets, come in so many different structures. One structure that is definitely in trend is the cropped biker jacket as cropped apparels are still walking the runway. Strong lapel collars are also a strong structure attribute that consists of today’s leather jacket.

Photo 3 (leather jacket)

As a leather jacket being a staple piece in a fashionistaโ€™s closet, the purpose of the jacket is being able to pair it with a variety of pieces. Black is the first color we think about as a neutral color that goes with everything, however a white or cream moto jacket would definitely be the ultimate statement piece! I can absolute picture someone walking into a room wearing a white leather jacket with black pants turn heads from every direction.

Photo 4 (leather jacket)

With the cold weather taking over our beautiful Indian Summer here in San Francisco, try keeping warm with this strong, staple piece that will definitely make a statement to your outfit.

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