Blog Team Review: Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream

Photo taken by Nena Farrell

Photo taken by Nena Farrell

Yolanda’s Take

Tired of choosing from the same generic ice cream flavors that everyone else is having? Well, step inside Humphry Slocombe located in the Mission District of San Francisco. Inside this busy tiny shop of ice cream wonders, you’ll find a wide variety of unusual sounding flavors. Flavors with names such as secret breakfast or even bourbon cornflakes, the friendly staff members will allow you to try as many flavors as you like before you make your ultimate purchase. After tasting flavor upon flavor, I decided to go with the chocolate smoked sea salt on a cone. The sweet chocolate taste combined with just a bit too much salt gave off a creamy texture with a slight twinge of a salty aftertaste that was quite delicious for my palate. Chocolate lovers should definitely try out this flavor and experience the bold combination of chocolate and salt.


Photo taken by Nena Farrell

Nena’s Opinion

Humphry Slocombe is a secret of a ice cream shop; if you aren’t looking for it, you could easily miss it tucked away in the Mission without a large sign. But trust me, you should be looking for it.

I walked in when there was no one else in line — and the man behind the counter had already started pulling samples for me. Hooked!

There were so many crazy and delicious flavors I tried. Secret Breakfast really does taste like bourbon, and I have no idea how it’s possible. Even though I’m not a coffee girl, I had a sample of the Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee.

I ended up choosing the Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt ice cream, two scoops. It was divine, a perfect mix of sweet and creamy with a smoked salty touch. I loved it. Two perfectly different areas of taste combined into a great ice cream!

Humphry Slocombe has a great neighborhood vibe, with constant foot traffic in its little shop. The seats are all at a window bar, with old-fashioned bar stools to give the feel of a 1950s ice cream shop. Families, couples, all walks of life could be found stopping in Humphry Slocombe for their perfect and quirky ice cream flavors on a hot day in the city.

Photo taken by Nena Farrell

Photo taken by Nena Farrell

Stella’s Thoughts

While riding the bus, I look out the window at the charming yet modern restaurants and shops lining both sides of 24th street, reminiscent of Haight but with more restaurants and and less thrifting and hippies. After hopping off the bus, Google maps leads the way until I notice a sign on a street corner declaring “Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream”, which is a good move on the company’s part because the shop itself only sports a small copy of the logo on the window.

The open door invites me in, and at first glance it looks like a typical ice cream shop: black and white tiled floors, a counter along the window with bar stools. However the ice cream flavors are anything but typical. I get that “oh crap” feeling as I glance at the ice cream flavors, because I hadn’t realized until that moment that flavors such as Jesus Juice, Oolong Tea, Chevre Fig, and Secret Breakfast even existed. The guy behind the counter realizes my predicament and cheerfully lets me know that I’m free to try any of the flavors. After trying half of the flavors I go back and forth between cinnamon brittle and salty watermelon, and decide on cinnamon brittle.

Cinnamon brittle is the perfect creamy texture, and I could taste the cinnamon loud and clear. I enjoyed the chunks of brittle the most, and loved how I didn’t have to start an excavation to find all the pieces. A chunk of brittle found its way onto my spoon every other bite. This flavor balances the cinnamon, the creaminess of the ice cream itself, and the brittle really well, and I would order it again.

Gist of the Review: I really enjoyed having ice cream at Humphry Slocombe and would go back for the ice cream and to explore the rest of the shops in that neighborhood. They provide good customer service and are really friendly. It doesn’t bother them at all when you decide to taste half of the flavors. We went to the ice cream shop Saturday at 12:30pm, and there wasn’t a line until around 1:30.

Hope you enjoyed these reviews from members of the blog team! Anything you would like us to review?

<3 Stella Pu

Creative Director of the Blog

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