Statement Sweaters Round Up!

The season of layering is upon us once again! If you live in the city, you already know about the necessity of the pullover in our oddly sometimes-warm-but-super-windy climate. How else are you to survive the foggier weeks of december?

Whether you need something to protect you from the cold or you just want something to pull your outfits together on your lazier days, sweaters are one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe in the Bay Area. This season, it’s all about statement sweaters, from huge, colorful,  thickly knitted ones to the one with your favorite cartoon character plastered across it. Here’s a sample of some of my favorites:

Chunky sweaters: the thicker the better! Chunky sweaters are just a great cozy piece to complete an otherwise dowdy outfit. Pairing with a  fun bib necklace or the pop of a button-up collar goes a long way for a cleaner look, or just wear some leggings and a statement shoe to turn heads with ease.  Plenty of stores are carrying this style right now, but you can find a great oversized chunky sweater with a retro print at any thrift store.

chunky sweaters

Graphic prints: Bart Simspon, bats, marijuana leaves, aliens and pizza are just a few of the wackier prints I’ve seen on sweaters this fall. The best part about this trend is that you can still find the genuine retro pieces from thrift stores that inspired it. Paired with 90s inspired details such as velvet, overalls and Doc Marten boots, this look is as affordable as it is chic!

Graphic sweaters & 90sish accessories

Comfy metallic sweaters: For the people who love their golds and silvers, the metallic painted sweater is a perfect way to shine up their wardrobe. They’re insanely easy to pull off, especially with the various shapes that  they come in. This season’s version focuses on softer metal tones such as gunmetal, chocolate gold and matte silvers. Let it be the focal point of your outfit or pair with similar tones in your accessories to dress it up and down!

metallic sweaters & accesories

With so much to choose from, finding a way to keep warm should be an easy fix this winter. Happy layering!

Don’t forget a jacket!

Amaka Ofoegbu, Blog Writer