FNA Bonding Event | Meet & Greet with Patricia Field


FNA Meet & Greet with Patricia Field


Last month a few members of our association had the pleasure of speaking with Patricia Field.

An icon in the fashion industry, Patricia is responsible for the styling behind award winning shows such as Sex and the City and Ugly Betty. She was even nominated for an Oscar for her work in styling The Devil Wears Prada. On top of dressing nearly every A-lister in the industry, Patricia has her own boutique and salon in New York City. Judging by her fire engine hair color, you can assume her sense of style is just as bold. Her boutique is an eclectic mix of vintage grunge pieces and vibrant prints from her own collections. Showing at New York Fashion Week numerous times throughout her career, it can safely be said that Patricia is someone whose success is something to aspire towards.

So what was such an east coast icon doing in sunny San Francisco? Patricia had been invited to show at Benecia Fashion Week alongside Richard Hallmarq and Emily Payne, two project runway alumnis. Her west coast tour included appearances throughout the week in Benecia and a meet and greet at Britax fabrics in the city. After answering a few questions from all her fans, our FNA girls were lucky enough to speak to her privately about her substantial career. In speaking with Patricia it was apparent that one of her favorite things is to inspire. She encouraged the girls to stay true to themselves no matter what the industry is pushing for. She also stressed the importance of waking up every morning doing what you love to do. The fashion industry can be a dog-eat-dog world sometimes but staying true and being confident in yourself will always bring you success.

Obviously Patricia knows a thing or two about what she is talking about when she gives this advice. After decades of being in the industry she still gets out and creates garments and hand-picks the items that go into her store. Her passion is what flocks celebrities and movie producer towards her services.

Meeting such an icon in the industry is something each one of our members will carry with them throughout their own career.

A special thank you Patricia for your time and wisdom.

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