A Taste of Nostalgia: Ode to Throwbacks

A Taste of Nostalgia: Ode to Throwbacks

Words by Jade Jost

Edited by Victoria Lo

“I was born with the wrong sign in the wrong house with the wrong ascendancy. I took the wrong road that led to the wrong tendencies. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time”


T for Jade Jost Nostalgia Article hese lyrics by Depeche Mode in their song Wrong are not only relatable to throwback lovers, but also totally relevant for SF State’s upcoming fashion show theme: Nostalgia. We all feel nostalgic over past times whether it’s shows, clothing, or even food, but the one thing that sparks these remembrances the most is music.

Artists like Depeche Mode, Madonna, Biggie, Blink 182, and Usher (just to name a few) have sparked nostalgia in numerous ways. Not only do people long for their music when they think of these throwback artists, but it makes them recall memories from that time frame and how the culture was like back then. Going through time frames of music, each decade brought a new style. The seventies artists included The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. What vibes does this music bring? Illusions to psychedelic drugs, peace symbols, outdoor music festivals, fringe clothing, retro glasses, and long uncut hippie hair. The music itself, with experimental riffs and trippy sounding voices brings one back to that time frame, wanting to be in that marijuana-masked Woodstock crowd, vibing with everyone around them.

Eighties music was of the most revolutionary by far for a plethora of music. Run DMC’s hits makes one reflect on the baggy pants, windbreakers, and gold chains. Madonna’s 80s style always arises in people’s’ heads once Like a Virgin starts playing. Who could forget the long beaded necklaces, finger gloves, and one dangling earring? Going towards boy bands, Depeche Mode’s catchy tunes makes one allude to the leather jackets, slicked hair, and dark sunglasses.

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No one can deny the satisfying feeling oldies give us especially from the 90s era. Rappers like Biggie and 2Pac put fans in a good mood to hear real rap. What their music brings with them is the history from that time period. The real social justice issues that brought Words of Wisdom to the woke listeners.

Throwback in terms of more relevance to today’s generation is that of the early 2000s. Since our generation actually grew up in this time, it’s real life experiences that we can touch on as opposed to just knowing about what was happening during that time. Alternative rock like Blink 182 and Avril Levine brings fans back to the checkerboard wrist sweatband and velcro-wallet-with-a-chain phase. Hearing Usher’s Burn makes listeners allude to the music video of him dancing in front of rows of palm trees on fire.

The happiness that arises from listening to throwbacks is one of their own. One thing that I’ve noticed about throwbacks is that that’s the one kind of music that truly brings people together. Nostalgia sparks the irresistible feeling which the beat to an old song can fulfill.

“What more could I say? I wouldn’t be here today if the old school didn’t pave the way” -Grand Puba in Old School by 2Pac


Fall Fashion Show-Nostalgia coming this December 4th @ SFSU Cesar Chavez-Jack Adams Hall from 6pm to 9pm.Nostalgia Final Flyer Front

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A Taste of Nostalgia: The Threads that Tie Us Together

A Taste of Nostalgia: The Threads that Tie Us Together

Words by Rodney Gavino
Edited by Victoria Lo

To anyone, it would appear to be just a gray wool sweater with centered stripes ranging in a similar gray blue color scheme, but to me it is so much more.

with book.jpg

Photo by: Brian Culy

Nostalgia is an organic, naturally induced feeling of euphoric happiness and warmth generated from things in our pasts. Photographs, letters, videos, small tokens of our childhood, even scents and tastes bring about these memories that wash over us and emerge unexpectedly like a pleasurable pang that we feel within our hearts. It makes us smile, laugh, even cry a little remembering fondly the moments from our past that changed and shaped the person we are today.
As we enter a season where the leaves begin to change, the days become colder, and the nights call for a hot cup of tea and a warm knitted blanket, I am filled with a sense of nostalgia all due to one very special item to me: a sweater.


Photo by Brian Culy

To anyone, it would appear to be just a gray wool sweater with centered stripes ranging in a similar gray blue color scheme, but to me it is so much more. It was my dad’s sweater and it was my childhood. I remember at a young age spending moments with my dad and that gray sweater was always present. These moments are so special and so clear to me that they play like movies in my mind.
I am 4 and we are sitting outside on the porch. It is a cold and dewy afternoon, my dad in his sweater and I am in his arms feeling warm and secure. The itchiness of the sweater on my cheek and the lingering smell of fallen rain calms me quietly. I sleep.
I am 10, and it is my birthday. I shiver in the midnight air as we hug each other and welcome the new year joyously. My dad hugs me last; again, in his striped, wool sweater. As I hug him back, the smells of smoky and earthy like sandalwood fills me with happiness. I smile.
I am 13 and we are walking along the pier on a sky-painted-sunset evening. The air is cold, the lights are bright, the people huddle in groups, and my blue knit sweater is not enough to keep me warm. My dad gives me his gray wool sweater, and I put it on. Even though the sleeves dangle past my hands, it warms me fast. I hug myself.
I am 17 and my dad is standing in front of my new apartment in San Francisco. We have to say our goodbyes. “Are you cold,” my dad says concerned as he wears his grey sweater one last time. My mom wipes a tear while I quickly look away to do the same. She makes me stand next to my dad while she takes a picture.
I hug my mom, then my brother and finally my dad. One last time. They climb into the car and yell out, “Call every day to let us know you are fine. Do well in school and make friends!”
“I promise I will,” I say. I wave to them as they drive away. I hold my dad’s sweater in my arms.


Photo by: Brian Culy

I am 20, and I sit here writing to you about a sweater that once belonged to my father, but now belongs to me. While I wear his sweater now with a cup of hot tea next to me, I think about my dad and about the many moments this sweater has brought us together every time I wear it . To anyone, it is just an ordinary gray, wool sweater with different colored stripes in the center. To me, it is my life.
I wear my sweater whenever I want to feel home again.
My sweater is my past childhood moments with my dad; it is my present source of happiness and warmth. My sweater is my nostalgia.



Special thanks to The Mill for letting us shoot!


Fall Fashion Show-Nostalgia coming this December 4th @ SFSU Cesar Chavez-Jack Adams Hall from 6pm to 9pm.Nostalgia Final Flyer Front

Save the date!

Tickets sold at the door-

With SFSU Student ID: $5

General Admission: $10

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2014 Levi’s Mend-ables

 Let’s be honest, we’re all for the most part just broke college students swimming in a pool of student loan debt.

What makes this issue worse is when you are a fashion student (AKA shopoholic) and you are just craving a cute new pair of jeans. Don’t worry, we understand the struggle so next Wednesday the Fashion Network Association has you covered!

We have partnered with Goodwill and Levi’s for our second annual “Levi’s Mend-able’s” event in Malcolm X plaza. The concept for this program is that Levi’s donates their brand new merchandise with minor flaws to Goodwill. Instead of these jeans being tossed into a landfill, Goodwill and Levi’s are encouraging the act of upcycling. This is where we come into play. A multitude of ADM students will be on staff the day of the event to assist with hemming and mending so you can create your own perfect pair of upcycled Levi’s. Now let’s get down to the most important factor… the cost. $5 for a new pair or jeans and $5 for any hemming or mending you would like done. Basically if you skip that Pete’s latte for one day, you can purchase a great new pair of high quality jeans! Charity & cute new denim, does it get any better?

Stop by Malcolm X Plaza from 11am-2pm on Wednesday, October 22

Just bring your Student ID and some pocket change and prepare to shop. All SFSU Students welcome!


The Leather Jacket

Everyone needs that staple, closet essential they cannot live without and pair with almost everything. A statement piece that is in trend now and almost impossible to see go out of style, is the leather jacket. This versatile piece can fit within anyone’s style as it can be styled is so many various ways. The biker jacket can be worn with a sundress to toughen up the look, or perhaps paired with an outfit worn at the office for the perfect transition from a day at work to a night out.

Photo 1 (leather jacket)

Photo 2 (leather jacket)

Leather jackets, or also known as moto or biker jackets, come in so many different structures. One structure that is definitely in trend is the cropped biker jacket as cropped apparels are still walking the runway. Strong lapel collars are also a strong structure attribute that consists of today’s leather jacket.

Photo 3 (leather jacket)

As a leather jacket being a staple piece in a fashionista’s closet, the purpose of the jacket is being able to pair it with a variety of pieces. Black is the first color we think about as a neutral color that goes with everything, however a white or cream moto jacket would definitely be the ultimate statement piece! I can absolute picture someone walking into a room wearing a white leather jacket with black pants turn heads from every direction.

Photo 4 (leather jacket)

With the cold weather taking over our beautiful Indian Summer here in San Francisco, try keeping warm with this strong, staple piece that will definitely make a statement to your outfit.

With Love,


Trendy Halloween Threads

Halloween is one of those holidays that, no matter how much you plan for, you always end up kind of feeling rushed for that last piece of your costume at the last minute. Or you get your costume together and then you realize you absolutely hate the way it looks on you because it’s one of those costumes that just looks awful on everyone being that it’s made out of that weird shiny polyester crap. Or maybe you’re just one of those people that spent most of your October raging through midterms, and now that you’ve been invited to a thousand costume-themed house parties, you’re a little late on the costume brainstorming. No worries. Thanks to current trends like bats, velvet, occult-ish graphics and more, Halloween is a piece of spooky pie. Here’s some suggestions!

Vampy Campy vamp: With all the cool bat graphics flying about,  it’s easy to make a cute, fashionably casual vampire costume that is polyester cape optional. Try pairing a bat sweater with a sheer maxi skirt or velvet leggings, cute black or red heels and vampy (haha) accessories. Think coffins, roses, skeletons, etc with jewelry–just no silver (or garlic). Complete with some run-of-the-mill face paint or whatever vampire makeup tutorials you score on YouTube, and you’re all set! Bonus points if you walk around with a True Blood.

Vampy Campy Vamp

Crazy cat lady: Let’s face it. The spirit of the crazy cat lady lies dormant in all of us, and it’s finally manifested itself in the form of a fashion craze. This one is pretty easy, just score as much kitty swag as you can and wear it all at once. Kitty leggings, cat-eye glasses and feline footwear are running rampant in boutiques and department stores all over the place. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about clashing prints. The tackier you look, the better because you’re crazy! Finish your look with a kitty mask or cat ears and some drawn on whiskers for the purrfect costume. Pun totally intended.

Crazy cat lady

Twitchy witch: Thanks to the recent illuminati obsession, this too is a pretty easy costume. Velvet details work here too, as does morbid/romantic accessories. Triangles and evil eyes, ouija board graphics, crosses, skulls, leather details, black  maxi skirts and little booties are easily found everywhere at this point, so find the style that works for you, keep it black, get a broom and a witch hat and you’re ready to bubble up some toil and trouble!  A long black knit cardigan would really pull a look like this together as well, so this costume would work if you’re trying to have a cute costume in the cold (that’s right, you can have both! ).

Twitchy Witch

The best part about these ideas is that you can wear any of these pieces after Halloween is over and not feel like you wasted money on a one time outfit. At the end of your favorite holiday, you’ll have a super current, edgy wardrobe for fall/winter. You’re so smart!

Have a super fun and safe Halloween!

Don’t forget a jacket!

Love, Amaka- Blog Writer